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Mon 11 January 2021
2020: A Year In Review
Thu 03 December 2020
org the ultimate API client
Thu 09 January 2020
Book Review: "How to Read a Book"
Fri 03 January 2020
2019: A Year In Review
Fri 08 March 2019
Developing Web Services in Rust: my talk at the Zagreb Rust Meetup
Fri 12 October 2018
Shoving Your Application Code Into the Web Server: my talk at WebCamp Zagreb 2018
Fri 20 October 2017
Miscellaneous Org Mode Tips & Tricks
Sun 15 October 2017
We Made a Conference (For Fun and No Profit)
Sun 13 March 2016
Music I've Listened To - Week of March 7th
Tue 17 March 2015
Impressions from WebCamp Ljubljana 2015
Wed 04 February 2015
Forcing Korma to use UTF-8 in MySQL connections
Mon 30 June 2014
EuroClojure 2014: Notes & Impressions
Sun 18 May 2014
On Asking the Right Questions in Internet Communities
Mon 21 March 2011
Developing and Deploying ASP.NET MVC Applications On Ubuntu Linux with Mono, nginx and MySQL
Tue 19 October 2010
F#: Funkcijsko programiranje za .NET (WebUG, studeni 2010.)
Thu 02 September 2010
File upload in Clojure & Compojure
Thu 25 February 2010
(G)Vim: postavljanje opcija u ovisnosti o direktoriju
Thu 21 May 2009
Zašto Wolfram|Alpha neće ubiti Google, i zašto to nije bitno
Mon 18 August 2008
Creative Commons knjige o informatici i programiranju
Thu 31 July 2008
Zašto neki developeri misle da su pametniji od drugih
Tue 22 July 2008
Open source softver za matematiku i prirodne znanosti
Tue 01 July 2008
Programiranje i informatika – Je li fakultet potreban?